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Nickel City is the only family entertainment center in San Diego that operates on nickels. The new Nickel City family fun center is three times larger at nearly 15,000 sq. ft. with more games, mini bowling and party rooms for San Diegans to enjoy.  Nickel City is the perfect place for school groups, day camps, civic associations, church groups, and other organizations because of its clean, friendly atmosphere and its ability to provide fun on a budget for large groups, come rain or shine. Additionally, the new party area is available for reservations each day for more than 100 people.

The Miramar location has a brand new cafe with classic menu items including pizza, hot dogs, corn dogs, chicken tenders, french fries and more.  The City Café will also offer ice cream, snowballs, and cookies as well as Coca-Cola fountain drinks and teas.

The new Nickel City has nearly 30 additional games including redemption, driving, and video games plus twice as many pinball machines. This location holds over 100 games available for play with nickels.  In addition to these new game offerings, Nickel City is premiering the brand new two/four player WILD PACMAN SMASH air-hockey table.

Unique to San Diego, Nickel City has installed 4 Highway-66 mini-bowling lanes at its new location.  With automatic scoring, built-in bumpers, LED lanes and black-light capabilities, this new attraction will add hours of fun to the entire experience. No special shoes are required for these lanes, no shoe rental fees.  Just step up and bowl.

Along with its increased size, Nickel City will now offer larger, private party rooms with striking décor and lighting.  When fully expanded, these rooms can hold nearly 100 people.  This flexible capacity allows for Nickel City to extend its reach beyond intimate birthday parties to larger functions such as family reunions, corporate team-building, fundraisers, sports banquets and charity events. In addition, Nickel City has added a large Blacklight Glow-in-the-Dark party room for special occasions for up to 30 guests.

The new location includes an expanded front entry and lounge area with tables and chairs, free Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, no outside food or drinks are allowed in the facility.  Make shift parties in the front lobby are forbidden, which includes birthday cakes/cupcakes, presents, and decorations. Please inquire about the use of our private party rooms.

Nickel City Fun Center is very excited to share our new venture with you and your family.

Prices and Nickel Bag Options


Nickel Bag Options


$ 2.50

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